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TV Broadcasting
Kigali, Rwanda
Also known as The Hub of Content, IsiboTV is an upcoming TV station based out of Kigali, Rwanda. Augmented Future partners with IsiboTV on the airing of the TrailBlazers TV series and other entertainment-based products.
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1000 Alternatives

Impact investing
Nairobi, Kenya.
1000 Alternatives is an impact investing and business advisory consulting firm with a presence in.7 countries including Kigali and which supports early-stage and growth-stage companies that intentionally deliver lasting positive social impact through their products and services. 1000 Alternatives has invested in the Friends and Family round of Augmented Future and will invest in Series A and is providing the location for the Kenya sales office.
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Boobuz, ErlinYou.com

Maps, GPS
Ghuanghzhou, China
ErlinYou.com has developed a map-based system that has over 1,300 man-years of research invested since 2006 and has created APIs, websites and apps better than Google Maps, Uber, Booking, TripAdvisor, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Amazon with a world mapping of 232 countries and 150 million places in offline and online mode in local languages. Augmented Future is using this technology to develop augmented, map-based applications.
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Buddy Study

Education, Elearning
Nairobi, Kenya
Buddy Study has an app that provides just-in-time learning support to students. With a large catalogue and library supporting multiple disciplines, the mobile and desktop-based app also provides access to a tutor network and video resources. Buddy Study supports an ever growing range of textbooks currently in use at pre-primary, primary, secondary and tertiary levels.
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Scopic Africa

Web platforms, mobile applications
Nairobi, Kenya
Scopic Africa is a team of web platform developers, system and app developers and business Intelligence specialists who build web and mobile app platforms, dashboards and cloud systems. Scopic Africa supports Augmented Future Ltd o the development of all its web and mobile application platforms.
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