Use of augmented reality (AR) to improve education outcomes

Children in primary schools start learning with excitement however overtime they start to find it later boring and difficult due to finding the courses very hard and not being engaged in them which results in decrease in marks. Education which engages students is a key to success whereby children can be familiar with their subjects and get the opportunity to enjoy them. But how can that be reached?

Augmented future ltd is here to help by providing animation series that are fun to watch and which are based on the curriculum so that children may learn through watching them. Furthermore, augmented future ltd offers flashcards and board games which are enjoyable to children and of course that consist of questions based on the curriculum. This will help students to find lessons simple and enjoyable and it will motivate them to do self-study through this platform. They will be able to sign in and find the animation series according to their class levels.

Parents will download an app for kids on their smartphones and create an account for them, this will also help a parent to follow up on the performance of their children. The students will be able to sign in and start accessing the platform, whereby they will find interesting flashcards games to play which will help them to understand better what they have learnt at school instead of memorizing what they have learnt without understanding them.